The Endometriosis Sourcebook

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The Endometriosis Sourcebook: The Definitive Guide to Current Treatment Options, the Latest Research, Common Myths About the Disease, and Coping Strategies— Both Physical and Emotional

The Endometriosis Sourcebook is almost 500 pages of the information that women with endo most want to know. It is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date resource on endo available. It’s also very personal, drawing on the words of Association members to bring home the impact that endometriosis has on real women. Includes information about treatment options, strategies for coping with the disease and its effects on you and those around you, and the latest research findings—as well as the adventures of “Joe with Endo,” from Association president Mary Lou Ballweg’s popular cartoon strip. In its 6th printing!

The Endometriosis Sourcebook Table of Contents

Opening words from Mary Lou Ballweg, co-founder of the Association.
Treatments for a Puzzling Disease
Endometriosis and pain (including pain management and how to deal with the stigma of chronic pain); surgical treatments; medical treatments (Lupron, Synarel, Zoladex, Suprefact, Decapeptyl, danazol, progestogens, gestrinone, Provera, oral contraceptives); endometriosis of the intestines; endometriosis and the urinary tract; infertility and endometriosis; pregnancy and labor for women with endometriosis; traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment of endometriosis.
How to cope with endometriosis based on research; why professionals say “it’s all in your head”; men and endometriosis; tips for partners and family members; coping with painful sex; building the doctor-patient relationship (including communicating with your doctor and help in finding good doctors); the patient’s perspective on endometriosis.
New Research Directions
Endometriosis and environmental toxins; immunological findings in dioxin monkey colony; how to avoid dioxins and PCBs; evaluating your home—is it a health hazard?
Working Together Worldwide to Conquer Endometriosis
The Association’s outreach all over the world, including Brazil, Germany, Japan, South Africa, and Taiwan; activities of sister groups in Australia and Great Britain.

“It is imperative to be an intelligent consumer. This book will enable the woman with endometriosis to be just that.”                                  —David Olive, M.D., San Francisco, CA