We’re pleased to share here some episodes of Joe with Endo, our popular cartoon character who appears in endo “adventures” in all three of our books.

Joe, a young man with endometriosis, has helped thousands of people understand that endo should be taken seriously.  He helps show, with humor, that if a disease like endo affected millions of young men rather than millions of young women, society would think of it differently.  If there were millions of Joes out there―young men whose dreams were in danger of being destroyed by a disease, whose ability to function sexually was at risk, whose fertility was at risk, whose ability to build a satisfying work life and carry out the normal activities of living was at risk, and who even would face the threat of castration―no one would dare say it was normal or unimportant.

We hope you enjoy “Joe” while realizing the real tragedy behind him―that everything that happens to Joe is based on the actual experiences of thousands of women with endometriosis.  Let’s change that!

Mary Lou Ballweg, Endometriosis Association founder, dreamed up Joe and wrote his script.  The talented artist, Meri Lau, gave form to Joe in our books.  If you’d like to see all Joe’s adventures, check out Endometriosis: The Complete Reference for Taking Charge of Your Health, available on this website, Amazon, or free with Association membership.

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Joe is a typical young man in his twenties.  He has all the realistic dreams of a young man―the perfect life, perfect wife, perfect job, perfect house, perfect family, perfect body. 

There’s just one problem….