Our Work

The Endometriosis Association provides support to those affected by endometriosis and related diseases, educates about the disease, promotes and conducts research.

What We Do

Our Impact

The Endometriosis Association was the first organization in the world dedicated to endometriosis – giving a voice to women, girls, and families affected


  • First to establish an endometriosis research registry, largest in the world
  • First to lead patient-driven research in the field of endometriosis science and medicine
  • $8,013,723 direct dollars for research (direct funding to research groups in six countries and our research programs at Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, NIH, and EA staff working on research)


  • First to develop extensive lay literature on endo, translated in 31 languages; over 4.1 million brochures distributed; hundreds of thousands viewed online
  • First to publish four comprehensive books on endometriosis, one in Spanish
  • Instrumental in helping raise more than $21 million indirect dollars for research


  • First to organize support groups and develop national organizations worldwide; had members and groups in 66 countries and over 200 support groups in the U.S. and Canada alone
  • First to create a global network of highly-motivated individuals touched by endo (women, families, physicians, medical researchers)
  • Set up program and models of support, including Crisis Call Listeners, Prescription Drug Savings Plan, Healthcare Provider List (invitation only), Correspondence Network/Request for Contact, Teen Mentor Program (since 1986)