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If you have endometriosis or care about someone who does, joining the Endometriosis Association unites you with others who support the development of better treatments for this terrible disease and the research that will one day put an end to it entirely. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of your personal information. We never share it with any outside entity.

For $35 a year (less than 10 cents a day) you can:

Connect with others who understand. Our members-only online community is a safe place where EA and its members can share stories, information, and resources to empower each other to take charge of their health and their life.

Get support. Our support services and correspondence networks are your links to sympathetic listeners and to others who suffer from endo and other health problems to which whose with endometriosis are susceptible, including certain cancers, autoimmune diseases, and heart disease.

Protect your family. Our updates on the increased risks for family members of those with endometriosis—both male and female—provide the information necessary to minimize your family’s exposure to environmental toxins and to promote their good health.

Make informed healthcare choices. No single endo treatment is right for everyone who suffers from the disease. Understanding your options and the disease itself is vital to ensuring you have the information necessary to make the best decisions and may even help you avoid huge medical bills.

Have hope. It can be hard to believe that things will get better when you are suffering from endometriosis, but when you know others care and they’re working to find answers, it makes it a little easier to deal with the pain and have faith in a brighter tomorrow.

Help 89 million girls, women, and families across the globe. Our mission is to find the answers that will provide relief to every individual affected by endo. When you join the Association you become an integral part of the mission.