25th Anniversary Conference DVDs
Our 25th Anniversary Conference, Endometriosis: The Big Picture – The True Picture Emerges! provided a complete, integrated, and understandable picture on the disease so far. World-renowned speakers came to share their information about this perplexing disease. By owning the DVDs you have the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds working on endometriosis, and have the latest information about the disease available for your review, at any time.

#301 Two presentations
The Great Debate: Deborah Metzger, MD, PhD versus David Redwine, MD. “Endometriosis is a Body-Wide Immune System Disease Requiring Comprehensive Treatment” versus “Endometriosis is a Locally-Focused Disease Only Requiring Good Surgery”

“Cancer and Endometriosis: What Are the Facts?” – Louise Brinton, PhD,

#302 Two presentations
“Preventing Endometriosis and Its Related Problems” – Medical Panel: Ted Schettler, MD, MPH, Joseph McWherter, MD, Marla Ahlgrimm, RPh

“A Unifying Theory on Endometriosis: Inflammation, Autoimmunity, and Cancer” – Roberta Ness, MD, MPH

#303 “Surgery and Endometriosis: We’re Still Learning” – Medical Panel: Tony Luciano, MD, Errico Zupi, MD, Camran Nezhat, MD

#304 “Medical Treatments for Endometriosis: Lots of New Options – and Modified Older Options on the Horizon” – Medical Panel: Khaled Zeitoun, MD, Andrew Brill, MD, William Schlaff, MD, Barbara Soltes, MD, and David Olive, MD

#305 “Autoimmune Diseases and Endometriosis” – Pamela Stratton, MD, Andrew Cook, MD, Darin Ingels, ND, Deborah Metzger, MD, PhD, Luis Paez, MD

#306-A “Coping With Endometriosis As A Family” – Schott Ostreicher family: Lori and Steve Schott, Ally Schott, Eugene and Judith Ostreicher; Rohrer family: Suzanne and John Rohrer

#306-B “The Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Approach to Endometriosis” – Daoshing Ni, LAc, PhD, DOM, Dipl CH, and Michelle Ingels, MTCM, Lac

#307-A “New Approaches to the Pain of Endometriosis, Especially Pain with Sex” – Karen Berkley, PhD, Chuck Miller, MD, Leann Croft, MS, PT

#307-B “The Nutrition Approach to Endometriosis” – Kevin Osteen, PhD, Sally S. Rockwell, CCN, PhD, Dian Mills, MA

#308-A “Detoxification and Chelation – A Way for Women with Endometriosis to Remove Fat-Soluble Toxins and Heavy Metals” – Gerald Ross, MD, Kalpana Patel, MD

#308-B “Infertility as Seen through the Endometriosis Lens” – Linda Giudice, MD, PhD, Judith Sullivan, Elizabeth Dougherty

#309-A “What’s New in the Endometriosis Association Research Program” – Kevin Osteen, PhD, Sherry Rier, PhD, Grant Yeaman, PhD, Kaylon Bruner-Tran, PhD

#309-B “Living Well in Spite of Endometriosis” – Rona Silverton, PhD, Angela Segal-Glazer, PhD, Gay Marie Catania, Betsy Dynako

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