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Vol. 15, No. 3. Does Endometriosis Run in Families?
Overview of the results of several studies of familial links, one involving the EA's data registry participants, one a Norwegian study of identical and fraternal twins, and the attempts to locate a gene for endo. Also, members’ family stories of endo; a report on the Association president’s visit to some of our international groups, and regular features.
Vol. 18, No. 3-4 and Vol. 24, No. 5-6 Coping With Endometriosis 
Addresses the emotional side of endo. Contains helpful information on confronting hidden emotions; getting the support you need; how coping styles affect your health; educating friends and family; members' stories, tips, and poems; asserting yourself in the doctor's office; and researching your diagnosis. Also includes a research update on laparoscopic surgery for infertility and endo, a health insurance update, and regular features.
Vol. 22, No. 2. Your Health in Whose Hands? Questions to Ask Alternative Practitioners; Financial resources; PVC and Me
Questions to Ask When Seeking an Alternative Practitioner is a 10 point guide to what to look for in a non-traditional healthcare provider. Also a special section on financial resources for members, one woman's success story, and PVC and Me Not Just Another Surgery by the EA‚s environmental coordinator.

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