Collected Articles from Earlier Newsletters

Breaking New Ground at the VI World Congress on Endo

Summarizes the VI World Congress on Endometriosis. It contains extensive results of the largest patient survey ever, showing the disease is starting younger and is becoming more severe; the long delay to diagnosis; and which treatments worked best for members. Also includes summaries of presentations given by patient representatives from five continents, personal views from the Congress, details of the first world medical society for endo, book reviews, and regular features.
Research Collection

This assortment of articles covers interesting directions in endo research, including the Association's research partnership with Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, reports from the Second International Symposium on Endometriosis, and the Third and Fourth World Congresses on Endometriosis. Topics include theories on the causes of endo and findings on the relationship between endo and the immune system, endo and infertility, and dysmenorrhea. Plus updates on RU-486; immune abnormalities and endo; bone mineral density and endo; endo and cone biopsy; the relationship between body fat and endo and red hair and endo; basal body temperature in women with endo; designer estrogens, antiestrogens, and bisphosphonates; and laparoscopic surgery on infertile women with endo. Also, "The Woman with Endometriosis: Ignored, Dismissed, and Devalued."

Environmental Toxins and Endo

This collection reveals important findings on the relationship between the environment and endo, including the exciting story of the Association's discovery that dioxin can cause endo; information on hormone disrupters—toxic chemicals which mimic natural hormones of the body—and the apparent damage they have on wildlife and humans; research findings by Theo Colborn, Ph.D., and updates on the EA's involvement with Health Care Without Harm—a campaign to end medical incineration which produces dioxin. Also includes a list of other organizations participating in the campaign and information on dioxin-free menstrual supplies.

Endometriosis and Cancer: What is the Connection?

Originally spanning three double-issue newsletters, this collection helps awaken women with endo and their families to their risk for specific cancers so we may take action and manage the factors which we can control. Contains easy-to-understand summaries of numerous research studies on cancer and endo, comprehensive glossary and bibliography, stories of women with endo and cancer, dietary guidelines to reduce risk, prevention tips, and pages of helpful resources for additional information and support. Over 35 pages.

Teen Collection: This collection is a must-read for teens and their loved ones. Includes recommendations from doctors who treat girls with the disease, letters from teens and their mothers, as well as information about the Association's Teen Support Program, the Mentor Program, the Teen Contact Network, and the TeenSource newsletter. Also features an article by a mother with endo whose young daughter develops the disease, suggestions from endo parents, and much more.

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