EA-Select Buffered C-Plus

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Many women with endo have reported to us over the years that antioxidants have helped them with the symptoms of endo. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect against damage caused by free radicals and pollutants. It appears to help balance our immune system defenses. Vitamin C can help fight the effects of physiological stress, metabolize and detoxify drugs, and support healing of wounds. Extra C is needed for smokers, diabetics, the elderly, allergy sufferers, and people under stress. Vitamin C may be more effective when combined with bioflavonoids and digestive enzymes. 

Vitamin C, when combined with bioflavonoids and digestive enzymes, has been shown to be more effective at reducing inflammation than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This formula incorporates the bioflavonoid Pycnogenol®, an antioxidant derived from a pine bark extract that can maximize the benefits of vitamin C by inhibiting its breakdown in the body. A Japanese study showed that Pycnogenol® can be an “effective natural treatment for endometriosis, without dangerous side effects.” The addition of bioflavonoids to vitamin C has been consistently touted as aiding in the reduction of menopausal symptoms.
Manufacturer’s suggested use: one to two capsules daily with food. One bottle contains 100 capsules.

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